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DayZ Standalone server is a standalone multiplayer game that is popular for its zombie survival mod. The mod gives you an experience like never before. However, since it is a multiplayer game, you need to have a server for yourself. So, what are the best DayZ servers available for purchase?

Here is my list of the best DayZ servers available for purchase.

This is the server that is designed by the developers of DayZ. You will get all the basic features of the game such as survival mode, vehicles, and building.

The Dark Zone

This is another DayZ server available for purchase, but this one is an advanced version of the game. This includes a wide variety of features that will give you a great experience.

The Dark Zone is an amazing place to explore. If you play on this server, you’ll be able to see a lot of new things. The Dark Zone is a big map that you can explore at your own will. The most interesting thing about the Dark Zone is that you can discover various rare items. You might also see something strange, and that can give you an adrenaline rush. If you like exploring and playing the game, you can definitely use the Dark Zone. It’s a nice experience to be able to see things that you can’t normally see anywhere else. In addition to that, you can experience something that you’ve never seen before. You can even trade with people. You can share the items that you found on the map with them. In addition to all of that, you can also use the Dark Zone as a place to camp and make a home. You can also use the Dark Zone as a place to explore and do things. The Dark Zone is a place where you can see something that you’ve never seen before, and it can be very exciting.

The Dead Island

The Dead Island server is the most affordable option in my list. The server is based on a popular zombie game. You will get all the basic features in the game, but if you buy this server, then you will get a great deal.

It is a free to play game. You can either download it for your computer or play it on an Android device. This game is a first person shooter in which you need to eliminate the zombies that have infected the island. This is not a role playing game or a real time strategy game. The game takes place in a beautiful island with a big volcano. The island is full of dangerous animals and monsters. There are a lot of weapons in the game, so you will have lots of choices to make. You will have to shoot, kill and avoid being killed.

This game has a large player base. There are thousands of players online at once. The graphics of the game are amazing.

You can create your own avatar in the game. You can customize your appearance. You can choose between male and female characters. The game allows you to choose your gender. This game is very addictive. You can play it anywhere. The game is free to play, so it is easy to access. You don’t have to pay to play this game. There is a lot of content in the game. There are hundreds of items, items, weapons, and characters in the game. The game has tons of maps to explore. There are a number of missions in the game. You can join teams and play co-op games.


H3H3 is one of the most popular DayZ servers and the features are good. You will get more than 50 players at any time. However, it is a premium server, but still, it is worth the money.

Hire a DayZ server host. Many people prefer to play on servers that they hire instead of on free servers. It is cheaper to hire a server host because he pays a monthly subscription. This is why many people prefer to play on paid servers.

To buy a premium server, you need to buy a hosting package. The package includes a username, a password, a domain name and all the necessary files that you will need for the server to run properly. You can find these files on the website of the hosting company. A premium server host offers a variety of packages for different budgets. If you want to make sure that you choose a suitable package, it is important to compare the features and costs. This will help you to find a server host that meets your requirements.

If you decide to purchase a premium server, you will also need to make sure that your payment method is accepted. Most of the time, premium server hosts accept credit cards. You should avoid paying with PayPal and other similar services because this can lead to problems when you make the payment. You should look for a premium server host that accepts Payoneer, which is a mobile app that allows you to send and receive payments on the go.

The Dead Zone

It is another DayZ server that you can buy, but this one is a paid server. You will get the features that are similar to the Dead Island.

The Dead Zone is an online multiplayer game that is based on survival. You will find zombies as enemies and you will need to kill them to survive. If you are planning to play the game on a server that is not paid, you will need to create a character and you will need to play as a survivor. There are many different weapons in the game, which you will be able to buy. You can also find many other useful items for survival. Some of the most useful weapons include the assault rifle, shotgun and sniper rifle. There are also several other useful items, like bandages, first aid kits and food. You will have to collect these items and store them in your inventory. You will need to do this before you play the game. You should also collect ammo for your weapons, which will help you to protect yourself. You will need to keep yourself hydrated, too, and you should try to build shelter as quickly as possible. You should do these things to be prepared for a zombie attack. You will be able to join various types of missions in the game, including PvP and PvE missions. You will need to fight other players in the game to earn experience points. These points can be used to unlock new characters and items in the game. The map will be shared by everyone who is playing the game.


So, these are the best DayZ servers that you can buy. I think these servers are worth buying. I am sure that you will have a great time while playing the games.

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